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Discover the Power 
of a World Class Audit
& Pay Program

Gain Cost Avoidance

Improve Working Capital

Consolidated Invoicing

Customized Implementation

Revcon's Consortium Program frees up your team to focus on strategic business decisions by taking care of the tactical details. Our audit and freight payment services give your finance and accounting team back their time so they can focus on what they do best.

Our dedicated audit experts will manage the day-to-day operations, while you reap the benefits of an average of 4-8% in billing errors avoided. This means that you can save money on your freight costs, which can be reinvested in your business.

6.3% Average Cost Avoidance
Refocus on Strategic Initiatives

Up to 80% of Freight Invoices Have Errors

Companies performing in-house transportation Audits are leaving money on the table.

Experienced Team Working for You
Expert Staff

A Seasoned Team of Professionals that have a combined Audit History of over 200 years focused on your Invoices.

Real Control

We believe you can't Control a Cost unless you can Measure that Cost.

Our Program delivers real measurements to gain Control.


We build a comprehensive set of business rules and operating procedures on your Business Rules. Get the data you want, the way you want it.

Most Common Billing Errors

Our Process

Freight Invoices

All Invoices for Every Location and Every Mode of Transportation are sent directly to our Team of Audit Experts with over 200 years combined. Allowing your team to focus on more strategic initatives.

EDI - All Major Carriers are set up for FAST and Immediate Audit

Email - Carriers unable to send via EDI can submit electronically

Paper - Invoices can be submitted 

Every Invoice is run through our highly automated process to review Bill of Lading, Contracted Rates, Inspections, Accessorials, Fuel and more.

Ensure Accuracy BEFORE you are Invoiced

Automated rate accuracy verifications

Least cost carrier analysis for future cost savings performed

Freight Pre Audit
Error Resolution

We work with the Carriers directly once a billing error is determined. We communicate directly to their team to alert them to the error and the corrected amount. The Carriers have access to review within our system.

Streamline Carrier Communications

Use the Carriers preferred method of handling disputes

5-8% Cost Avoidance with a Pre-audit

Every Client has their own unique set of business rules on what data is to be captured, thresholds to be used, and invoices they want to review. We customize upon implementation.

General Ledger Automation and Application

Set approval limits, by mode

Unique Fields for capture and calculations for reporting

Business Rules
Secure Payments

Each Week a Consolidated invoice is provided for the previous week's invoices that have been 100% audited. The detail, images and summary are available through our proprietary software in the cloud.

One Single Payment sent prior to us dispersing funds to the Carriers

Ability to review and submit any change requests prior to payment

Weekly Invoice can be broken by separate company P&L's

A series of Reporting tools and standard reports are available on an ad-hoc basis in the cloud for access to all points of data, whenever you need it.

Visibility to check level detail for Carrier payments

Weekly, Monthly and Custom Reports 

Accrual Report Builds with your Rules

Accounting Tools and Reports

Controller - Warwick, RI

“First, the time alone that we have saved in outsourcing our transportation audit has been a lifesaver to my small accounting team. Second, the Savings that Revcon has identified in errors has more than paid for their services, several times over. I wish we had done this sooner.”

Experience it.

Uncover what you've been missing.

Gain the tools and visibility to run your business, for Real.

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