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Carrier Partnerships Designed to Benefit Consortium Members

Leverage Consortium Spend & Savings

Long Term Contractual Agreements

Elevated Status with Carriers

Expert Guidance and Control

Revcon's Consortium Program harnesses the collective purchasing power of our Consortium Members, along with our unparalleled expertise gained by over 100+ combined years in the Transportation Industry. By leveraging these strengths, we secure the most competitive rates through exclusive contractual agreements for our clients.

With a rich legacy of established partnerships with top-tier carriers, we have successfully negotiated favorable carrier contracts, rules tariffs, and fuel tariffs, benefiting our Members today.

Our dedicated team of experts collaborates closely with our carrier partners to gain a deep understanding of each client's unique business requirements. This invaluable insight enables us to tailor pricing solutions that precisely align with the specific needs of our members.

Revcon's Partners

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Reduced Costs 

Strategic negotiations lead by Revcon’s Team of Experts optimizing our comprehensive contracts, rules and fuel tariffs lead to substantial reductions.

Contract Controls

Revcon contracts provide robust contract controls, ensuring sustainable terms, shielding shippers from unexpected rate increases or GRI's, and delivering clear benefits to their bottom line.

Increased Liability

With heightened cargo liability provisions, we offer our Clients enhanced protection and peace of mind, safeguarding their cargo throughout the journey.

Our Carrier Partnerships are built for Sustainability.

Integrated Benefits

Our Carriers are fully integrated in our State-of-the-Art TMS, making everyday shipment a seamless transaction and allowing complete visibility across your teams.

Rate Quote via API

Real-Time, Every Time.

No guessing on total cost or transit.

Electronically Tender

Dispatch via API and receive electronic pick-up confirations

Track to Delivery

Real-Time API updates on tracking, including revised delivery dates.

EDI Billing

Automate Invoicing for Speed to Audit and Pay. Avoid mailing mishaps.

Reduced Rates
Shipments Prioritized
Access to Capacity at Peak
Improved Customer Service

Shippers of Choice Can Expect to Pay 10-15% Less for Freight Rates

Revcon helps transform your relationship with the Carriers into one which is beneficial to your company

VP Supply Chain- Salt Lake City, UT

“Revcon has done a tremendous job of learning about our unique business, understanding our carrier requirements and pain points and putting together a comprehensive program that has reduced our transportation costs by over 11% this year. And they keep adding value and options months later!”

Get a Free Benefit Analysis.

Maximize Savings.

No Gimmicks, No Obligations.

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