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Ignite Your Business Potential With Cutting-Edge Technology That Matches Your Ingenuity

Automate Processes

Improve Customer Experience

Real Time Synchronization

Empowers Decision Making

TMS Technology
  • Self Service Portal For Customers & Vendors

  • Real-Time Data & Tools For Your Network

More Choices
  • Contract, Spot and Direct Rates to Choose From

  • Adding New Functions Daily

Better Decisions
  • Optimize across Cost. Transit and Liability

  • Carrier Performance Visibility

Delivering More Than A TMS 

Fast Deployment
No Upfront Costs
Top-Tier Service Providers
Video Library Resources
Real Person Live Support
Image by Luke Stackpoole
  • LTL

  • Truckload

  • Volume/Partial

  • Parcel

  • Expedite

  • Monitor Your Freight From Order to Delivery

  • API Real-Time Carrier Integrations

Document Management
  • Quotes, Labels, BOL, POD, Invoice

  • Store at Load Level

  • Global Search for Easy Location

Batch Shipping
  • Upload File to Mass Rate, Create BOL and Tender to Carrier

  • Shave Hours of Time and Inaccuracies

Vendor Controls
  • Allow Vendors On-line Access for Order Input

  • Hide Costs and Customize View

  • You Control the Carrier and Inbound Deliveries

  • Choose Additional Excess Insurance When Needed

  • Select Deductible and Amount

  • Receive Certificate on File Instantly

Consolidated Operations
Simplified Workflow 
Automated Processes
Centralized Documents
Reporting & Analytics

Maximize Your Teams Valuable Time With A Real TMS Platform Designed With Business In Mind

Completely Customizable And Flexible To Meet Your Needs, One Shipment At A Time

API Integrations

Our TMS seamlessly integrates with any ERP system, automating key functionalities with ease. By establishing a direct connection, real-time data synchronization is achieved, allowing for automated processes. This integration provides a unified view of transportation and business operations, empowering informed decision-making and optimizing overall supply chain efficiency.


TMS Quick Controls Demo

& Rating Controls

Customize References on Shipment Execution

Standard and Guaranteed Options on Rating

Control Accessorials by Location or Load

Address Controls

Add, Edit, Remove Yours, Vendor and Customer Locations

Create Notes to Aid Your Team on Best Practices for Location

Add Accessorials to Locations to Ensure Accurate Rating 

Product Controls

Add, Edit, Remove Yours Products

Customize With Internal Names Unique to Your Business

Default Dimensions, Packaging Type, Weight 


Customize References on Shipment Execution

Standard and Guaranteed Options on Rating

Control Accessorials by Location or Load

Create Schedules and Set Cadence for Report Delivery

Shipments Waiting for Pick Up

Shipments Currently In Transit

Shipments Delivering Today

Shipments Delivered in the Last 24 Hours

Inbound-Outbound Reports by Location

Custom fields and filters

Automated Reporting Controls


Revcon's TMS Mobile App Now Available on iOS and Android

Download on the Apple App Store
Get it on Google Play
TMS Technology App

Purchasing and Shipping Manager- Easthampton, MA

My Company started using Revcon's TMS system last year and with the training provided it was very quick for us all to get accustomed to using the program. It is very user friendly and all the information we need is centrally located, plus the Revcon staff worked closely with us in customizing the program to work best for our needs.
I would highly recommend Revcon for any of your transportation needs, whether its outsourcing LTL shipments, full truckloads or using the TMS.

Experience it.

Uncover what you've been missing.

Gain the tools and visibility to run your business, for Real.

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