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How to Become a Shipper That Carriers Love to Work With

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

In the transportation industry, being a shipper of choice is more important than ever. With a tight trucking market and rising freight rates, shippers who can demonstrate that they are easy to work with and provide a positive experience for carriers will be at a significant advantage.

There are a number of things that shippers can do to become shippers of choice. These include:

  • Being transparent and communicative. Carriers appreciate knowing as much as possible about a shipment before they accept it. This includes the pickup and delivery dates and times, the type of freight, and the weight and dimensions of the load. Shippers should also be responsive to carrier inquiries and provide updates on the status of shipments.

  • Being reliable and on time. Carriers rely on shippers to provide accurate information and to be on time for pickups and deliveries. Shippers who consistently meet their obligations will build trust with carriers and make themselves more attractive partners.

  • Being fair and equitable. Carriers want to feel like they are being treated fairly. This means paying on time and in full, as well as providing clear and concise instructions. Shippers who can demonstrate that they are trustworthy and reliable will be more likely to get the best rates and service from carriers.

  • Investing in technology. Technology can help shippers to streamline their operations and make it easier for carriers to do business with them. This includes using application programming interface (API) or electronic data interchange (EDI) to exchange information with carriers and tracking to monitor shipments in transit. Shippers who invest in technology will be seen as being progressive and forward-thinking, which will make them more attractive to carriers.

By following these tips, shippers can increase their chances of becoming shippers of choice. This will give them access to better rates, more reliable service, and a more positive overall experience.

Revcon’s Consortium Program delivers these critical aspects allowing our Members to be Shippers of Choice:

  • Best in Class TMS

    • EBOL – The latest version of Electronic Bill of Lading is the most widely accepted and preferred version by LTL carriers in the US. It streamlines the information into a clean and easy to use format that is electronically exchanged with the carriers VIA API. Revcon’s TMS only uses one version and is available to E-Dispatch with the LTL carriers. This cuts down key stroke time and errors on the carrier end as well when invoicing and documenting.

    • E-Dispatch – Electronically notify the carriers you work with when you are dispatching a shipment for them to pick up. The API in Revcon’s TMS is instantaneous. It alerts the carriers on the details of the load ensuring that they have the time to accept for pick up and understand the capacity required when sending in a truck to the shipper’s location. Less staff is required on the carrier’s side to handle incoming calls as well as providing a unique electronic pick up number to automate future communications.

    • API Tracking and Documentation – Cut down on written communication via email or over the phone communication with the carriers by relaying on the API tracking of shipments via the Revcon TMS portal. Allowing all departments within your organization, including clients, access to the most up to date information available on any given shipment.

  • Audit and Freight Payment

    • EDI Invoicing – Revcon’s state of the art and proprietary audit system accepts EDI invoicing from the carriers to ensure the timeliest receipt of all carrier invoices. This cuts down on lost invoices in the mail or email ensuring prompt review and approval for payment. This is the preferred method of invoicing by the carriers in the US.

    • Communication of Disputes – Carriers are provided timely information regarding invoices that are inaccurate via payment remittances as well as having access to an online portal with detailed pro level information.

Here are some additional benefits of being a shipper of choice:

  • Reduced shipping costs. Shippers of choice are often able to negotiate lower rates with carriers because they are seen as being more reliable and less of a hassle to work with.

  • Improved service. Carriers are more likely to go the extra mile for shippers of choice, such as providing faster pickup and delivery times or offering more flexible routing options.

  • Increased efficiency. Shippers of choice can streamline their operations and reduce the amount of time and resources they spend on logistics.

  • Enhanced reputation. Shippers of choice are seen as being professional and efficient, which can give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

If you are a shipper, I encourage you to take steps to become a shipper of choice. It is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Our Consortium Member’s are seen as Shippers of Choice in the Carrier Community.

For more information on how to become a shipper of choice, please contact Revcon Logistics.

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