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The Role of Managed Transportation in Domestic Supply Chain

Managed Transportation

At Revcon Logistics Consortium, we understand the critical role that Managed Transportation plays in optimizing a company's logistics operations. Our comprehensive approach encompasses truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), and sometimes other modes such as parcel or drayage, resulting in a robust strategy that includes contracted rates from carriers.

To facilitate this intricate process, we often employ a Transportation Management System (TMS) that not only provides visibility but also enables optimization opportunities such as load consolidation and multi-stop shipments.

What is a Managed Transportation Strategy?

So, what does a Managed Transportation strategy entail when you partner with Revcon Logistics Consortium? We manage a range of functions on your behalf, including:

Carrier Sourcing and Procurement

We work diligently to secure the best carrier partnerships and negotiate favorable rates.

Freight Carrier Optimization

Our expertise ensures that your freight is handled efficiently, minimizing costs.

Shipment Planning and Execution

We handle the logistics of planning and executing shipments seamlessly.

Freight Bill Audit and Payment

Our rigorous auditing process ensures accuracy and cost control.

KPI Reporting and Analysis

We provide comprehensive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Combining Managed Transportation and a TMS

With our integrated solution, you gain complete visibility across your supply chain – from the point of origin to the final destination. This visibility enables better tracking and monitoring of shipments, reducing the risk of delays or lost shipments. Additionally, it pre-loads carrier rates, identifies optimization opportunities, and handles more complex moves effortlessly.

By teaming up with Revcon Logistics Consortium, shippers like you can enhance your logistics and supply chains. Expect increased operational efficiencies, reduced logistics network and organizational costs, accelerated order-to-cash cycles, and improved communication with all supply chain stakeholders.

Benefits of Revcon Logistics Consortium's Managed Transportation Solutions

Cost Savings

We're committed to saving you money. Through carrier procurement, we negotiate competitive rates and leverage our insights from managing numerous supply chains daily to share best practices.

Freight Optimization

We explore innovative ways to move your freight efficiently, optimizing your logistics operations.

Eliminating Internal Resource Time

With our experts managing shipments and handling Freight Bill Audits, you can bid farewell to the headaches of load building and enjoy consolidated invoicing tailored to your requirements.

Capacity Assurance

Our extensive network of carriers ensures that you find the right partner, especially during peak shipping seasons when capacity is in high demand. Rest assured, our carriers undergo rigorous vetting and continuous evaluation.

Risk Management

Revcon Logistics Consortium helps you identify and mitigate potential supply chain disruptions and delays, reducing your exposure to risks.

Improved Service KPIs

Expect improved transit times, on-time delivery rates, and reduced claims and disputes – all of which boost your service Key Performance Indicators.

Remember, Managed Transportation solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We prioritize your unique goals and requirements to deliver the best results. At Revcon Logistics Consortium, we believe in collaboration to achieve your objectives.

Ultimately, by entrusting your transportation needs to us, you can concentrate on your core competencies and business objectives. Our services bring about cost savings, ensure capacity, mitigate risk, and enhance the service you provide to your end users.

Ready to learn more about our collaborative approach to Managed Transportation?

Set up a meeting with us at and let's discuss how Revcon Logistics Consortium can transform your logistics operations.

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